Starting Menus – Corn Porridge

Here is our another starting menus : corn porridge and corn porridge with cheese.

One said these was a very easy to make but often one not satisfy what they got. We tend to think the cause was sugar and salt used on each portion. Gender, age, cultural background and health condition we believe also determine the best level of sugar and salt.

Like what we do with kolak and mung bean porridge, we believe the using of some herb – spice would be good not only for health purpose but also for the taste,  but since corn porridge not like mung bean porridge which actually a heritage recipe, implementation for corn porridge using cinnamon or screwpine leaf / pandan leaf, ginger, lemon grass, etc, and what accompanying menu would fit would be added in other post.





Starting Menus – Noodle, Wedang Jahe

Kantin Burjopedia also provide one of favorite menu in Indonesia, Noodle. Here’s some noodle available:

Noodle with egg, with egg and meat balls, egg and fish scallop, chicken scallop, shrimp scallop, egg with sausage, etc. For an extra spiced also available cabai rawit.

For beverages Kantin Burjopedia provide tea, coffee, herb-spiced tea, and wedang jahe – bandrek susu. ( ginger tea and ginger tea with milk )








Starting Menus – Banana Kolak

We would like to introduce our another starting menus – Kolak. As their bigger portion in the menu we named it  : Banana Kolak, Jackfruit Kolak, Sweet Potato Kolak, Cassava Kolak. Banana Kolak could be added with accompanying ingredients: Banana Kolak with Jackfruit, Banana Kolak with Cassava, and so on.

The first Banana Kolak and next Banana Kolak with small sliced jackfruit. Served at 10 oz bowl.

The left was Banana Kolak with big sliced jack fruit and next is Banana Kolak with snakefruit. All above picture as illustration of Kolak which can be made in several combinations.

The menu made less than 10 minutes after ordered since we arrange condition of fruits on ready to cook in refrigerator. Can be made for a very minimum unit / 1 portion and can be customized for special request. One might prefer a less sugar due to diet program while other request for any spice, etc.


Starting Menus – Mung Bean Porridge

Our first menu was mung bean porridge with steamed banana in small or long sliced. Served in 8 or 10 oz. Herb – Spice standard : ginger, screwpine / pandan leaf, palm sugar, coconut milk, and condensed milk can be added when served.

Still with the same standard herb and spice we serve mung bean porridge with steamed cassava and taro in big split. Cooked or fried could also provided by request. Directly fried and fried after steamed would have different taste.

Beside single topping above we have mung bean porridge with white glutinous rice and jackfruit, in small or long sliced. White glutinous rice could also applied with taro, cassava, or banana.

We highlighted below, mung bean porridge with scraped cheese which sharped our served favorites : served when it’s hot. For some with good taste ability served when the porridge not warm would be enough to distinguish the presence of the cheese but for some the warm would be a favor. We appreciate too request for the cheese to be made sliced small or at medium size. Cheese would fit to most topping or accompanying ingredients, at least we think it would fit to banana, taro, sweet potato, cassava, and white-black glutinous rice, and biscuits.


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