MBP Banana – Corn, Banana – Serundeng

Here 2 Topping used on mung bean porridge : Banana – Corn and Banana – Serundeng.

Using standard of Kantin Burjopedia: Palm sugar, ginger, lemon grass, screwpine leaf, cinnamon, coconut milk, and some condensed milk. Served at 8 – 10 oz, 3 or 4 medium sliced banana and 3 spoon of sweet corn and serundeng. Serundeng was a spicy fried coconut flakes. Coconut flakes was a good media for spice and used in some indonesian traditional food. In this post we use serundeng as a topping, soon we will post on using it in different ways.






Starting Menus – Corn Porridge

Here is our another starting menus : corn porridge and corn porridge with cheese.

One said these was a very easy to make but often one not satisfy what they got. We tend to think the cause was sugar and salt used on each portion. Gender, age, cultural background and health condition we believe also determine the best level of sugar and salt.

Like what we do with kolak and mung bean porridge, we believe the using of some herb – spice would be good not only for health purpose but also for the taste,  but since corn porridge not like mung bean porridge which actually a heritage recipe, implementation for corn porridge using cinnamon or screwpine leaf / pandan leaf, ginger, lemon grass, etc, and what accompanying menu would fit would be added in other post.