Starting Menus – Banana Kolak

We would like to introduce our another starting menus – Kolak. As their bigger portion in the menu we named it  : Banana Kolak, Jackfruit Kolak, Sweet Potato Kolak, Cassava Kolak. Banana Kolak could be added with accompanying ingredients: Banana Kolak with Jackfruit, Banana Kolak with Cassava, and so on.

The first Banana Kolak and next Banana Kolak with small sliced jackfruit. Served at 10 oz bowl.

The left was Banana Kolak with big sliced jack fruit and next is Banana Kolak with snakefruit. All above picture as illustration of Kolak which can be made in several combinations.

The menu made less than 10 minutes after ordered since we arrange condition of fruits on ready to cook in refrigerator. Can be made for a very minimum unit / 1 portion and can be customized for special request. One might prefer a less sugar due to diet program while other request for any spice, etc.



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