Our Surroundings

Here’s 2 capture from google with search key ‘bubur kacang hijau’ and ‘mung bean porridge’


First page picture from google with ‘bubur kacang hijau’


First page picture from google with ‘mung bean porridge’

Fascinating isn’t it? There’s so many picture showing the wide variation of mung bean porridge, also in Indonesia (upper picture)

Despite of above diversity we find only 2 big group of mung bean porridge to be easily find in most cities in Indonesia: Khas Madura and Khas Bandung ( ala Madura and ala Bandung ). With their speciality they can spread all over Indonesia and provide mung bean to great number of customers.

We assume the main factor for this that they can arrange the price to be as comfortable to as many people. Last time we buy, Jan 2017, in Denpasar, it is sold at IDR 5K. Considering the fact that most of it has 2 level of gain / compensation: entrepreneurship / owner and worker who go mobile selling, the menu itself probably must be set below IDR 3K. For some who know material prices would naturally amaze then, a health menu or a snack? The mung bean composition in those menus, as far as we estimated, only around 3 – 4 Oz from total of 8 Oz.

Using our own terminology, one of the menu using ‘thinner method’ and the other using ‘viscosity method’. Coconut milk can be set in thinner method by adding it to mung bean porridge when it’s going to be served. Further, the sweetening and aromatic can be combined also in this soup so the mung bean cooked and distributed – brought in rombong / wagon in a default which reducing the lost if it is not sold out and has remaining. This is a good method as we know food would be more easy to expired if already has coconut milk. But even after using the method we estimate the mung bean only around 3 – 4 Oz in an 8 Oz bowl. The other using kinds of flours to add the viscosity and so add the volumes. Advanced to be able capturing a take away instead of only dine in near the wagon they provide take away plastic glass and spoon. But then we estimate it contain also only 3 – 4 Oz since they use red / black glutinous rice as an accompanying ingredient in even a bit bigger portion.

So it seems to us the using of palm sugar, condensed milk, or any new ingredient has its challenges since it would raise the selling price. When we mention our wish to make mung bean porridge using palm sugar, herb-spice, and various accompanying menu we realize that we wouldn’t be able yet to produce in big volumes. We tend to receive most Indonesian consider mung bean porridge as a snack, even when it is said as a good breakfast menu or a good supper menu. And even though most Indonesian appreciate the richness of Indonesia on herb and spice and the appreciation for healthy food, the idea of mung bean porridge as a health menu by its ingredient of herb-spice or the kind of sweetening used would not landed easily. It’s a blessed on our birth and journey forwards.

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