Starting Menus – Mung Bean Porridge

Our first menu was mung bean porridge with steamed banana in small or long sliced. Served in 8 or 10 oz. Herb – Spice standard : ginger, screwpine / pandan leaf, palm sugar, coconut milk, and condensed milk can be added when served.

Still with the same standard herb and spice we serve mung bean porridge with steamed cassava and taro in big split. Cooked or fried could also provided by request. Directly fried and fried after steamed would have different taste.

Beside single topping above we have mung bean porridge with white glutinous rice and jackfruit, in small or long sliced. White glutinous rice could also applied with taro, cassava, or banana.

We highlighted below, mung bean porridge with scraped cheese which sharped our served favorites : served when it’s hot. For some with good taste ability served when the porridge not warm would be enough to distinguish the presence of the cheese but for some the warm would be a favor. We appreciate too request for the cheese to be made sliced small or at medium size. Cheese would fit to most topping or accompanying ingredients, at least we think it would fit to banana, taro, sweet potato, cassava, and white-black glutinous rice, and biscuits.


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