Kantin Burjopedia established in Jan 2017 with the main enthusiasm in promoting mung bean porridge as one of Indonesian heritage menu.

Started simply by personal experience who loved mung bean porridge but can not find his “favorite” anywhere, something seems fit to be initiated. The “favorite” was the using of brown sugar / palm sugar, screwpine leaf / pandan leaf , and ginger. The using of brown sugar, instead of cheaper and more commonly used granulated sugar, definitely adds particular taste and aroma. Screwpine leaf / pandan leaf used as fresh aromatic, and ginger as herbs – spice adding taste and good for health.

But it is not all as the start point of Kantin Burjopedia. We also considering the proportion of coconut milk and condensed milk, the using of some herb – spice like lemon grass, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, red – green pepper, etc, and wide range of fruits, vegetables, and foods as accompanying ingredients for mung bean porridge.

Some to be mentioned : banana, jackfruit, cassava, sweet potato, taro, corn, arenga pinnata fruit, black – white glutinous rice, cabbage, gourd, squash, avocado, coconut, etc. Also would fit as accompanying menu: bread, biscuits, and cheese. Some of the accompanying menu could be served separated, as topping, or cook couple minutes with the mung bean porridge. Some in fresh, cooked, steamed, or fried. Serves in big slices, small slices, diced, or any variations fit.

We will love to go swimming to this ocean and bring some to the shore.


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